Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lusting for tech

I want the iPad 2. I wanted an iPad 1, but never could find the reason to do it. I could not even give a good answer when asked why I wanted the thing. My response usually was reduced to comments on how well designed it was, and that I just really liked it.

I now have two or three good reasons why I want the iPad.

1) The script writing program I use will finally release its iPad app, this spring, making it simple for me to write on the go, and then transfer files which are fully formatted to my desktop.

2) consolidation of gadgets: I have a netbook, which I like. It does what it needs to do as a simple computer. I have a kindle, which I adore, it is a great machine for the one thing it does. With the iPad, both are merged into something that I can keep in one hand, and that dovetails nicely into point 3...

3) I am still recovering from my burst appendix, and it would be nice to have something more robust than my phone to use to surf the web, while resting in bed. At the moment, sitting up at a computer for long periods of time is just not an option, and probably won't be for a little while to come.

Is it still a luxury item? Heck, yeah. Would I get legitimate uses out of it? Yes. I still don't know if I will end up with one, but I would really, really like to. They're neat!

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