Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Countdown to Relaunch

As it is now the start of August, we are less than one month away from DC's famous (or infamous) relaunch of the universe. As those of us that pay attention to comics know, Flash is going to fix everything... sort of...

Some of what we know and love about DC will stay the same, and a whole lot will change. Is this something to be angry about? No. Not at all. This happens to characters in varying degrees all the time. Let's just look at some of the characters and how they've changed:

Jon Stewart: He was a Vietnam vet, until that made him too old, so now he is a vet of the Iraq war (possibly the second one, by now).

Hal Jordan: His dad was a World War II pilot, once upon a time, but now his Dad was a Vietnam era pilot (perhaps Hal's updated father was friends with the original Jon Stewart).

Batman: The version of Zorro that Bruce was leaving with his parents has been updated several times (when he isn't coming out of the opera), and we aren't too far off from the point at which we need to update the version of Zorro to the Antonio Banderas "Mask of Zorro" from 1998.

Is it a big deal that they are doing it to all the characters all at once,? Yes. Is it worth getting angry over? No.

I will wait patiently until the 31st. At that time, I will start to read (yes, I have all 52 pre-ordered) and decide what of the relaunch works and what does not. There will be much to love, and much to not, I am sure.